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Another year in lolita. This year I focused less on cataloguing everything I own, and more on coordinating the interesting bits, arranged by color. And as ever, blouses. More blouses. Although... even I was surprised when I made up my final tally for this post, haha...

To preserve my sanity some images were taken from my blog, please excuse the watermark.
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San's wardrobe 2016 - the blouse edition

Hello 2016! This is my third wardrobe post, this time focusing on blouses! Since most of my stuff is not lolita in itself, I arranged most of the main pieces in coordinates, then sorted them by theme and/or color. If something is marked offbrand, that means either it has no tag, or it's in some moonspeak I can't read. I upgraded my camera halfway through and so some pictures are of different quality; but I'd taken so many pictures already that I just let them be! I didn't include my legwear or jewelry this year (boring!) but I did feature them in last year's post.
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